The 3-Step Process


Pacific Grove, CA

How did we come up with the decision that change was necessary?

Our lives are great.

We have a place in Downtown San Francisco and a place in Pacific Grove.

We are saving money and have respectable jobs during a period of time where many are considered lucky to have a job.

However, for some reason, we’re still not satisfied. We’ve never gotten comfortable. We know that there is more to life then just living it and going through the motions.

This is the 3 step process I went through to figure out what I should do with my life:

San Francisco, CA
  1. After work at 5:00pm. I would stay in the office every night with one question in mind. What is my ideal Life? I sat in front of my computer for hours utilizing the internet to figure out what will excites my everyday to get out of bed. For some, this could be teaching children or owning a farm in Nebraska. It could be anything.
  2. Once I figured out my ideal life I asked how can I make this happen? What are the key ingredients to attaining this life? For some it may be money, or searching for the job or positioning one in the best location to make it happen.
  3. The final step is taking action and making the ideal life become a reality. This could be through getting another job to gain the money needed or sending out your resume your ideal job.

This whole process takes lots of time. I took at least 20 hours to do just step #1.

Put in the time. Its worth it.  
Live the life you want.


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