20 Reasons We’re Going

Moving to a place many see as undesirable is one of our top 20 reasons for going.
Big Sur, CA

We thought it might be helpful for our families and friends (and us) if we made a list of the top 20 reasons why we’re doing this. We know that there will be many questions, concerns, doubts and even criticism at first. We’re prepared for that. This is a very different way to live life and some people aren’t comfortable with different. But if we can help in the process by making lists that will explain and help the people we love most understand, well then we’ll do it! 

20 Reasons Why We’re Going (in no order):

Big Sur, CA.

1. We want to create something bigger than us.
2. We want to leave this planet knowing that we made a change for the better.
3. We want to start our own business and work for ourselves.
4. We can afford to live abroad, actually live more comfortably abroad than here in California because the cost of living in Nicaragua is much lower.
5. To dedicate 100% of our time to the business that will allow us to live the life we want.
6. An adventure of a lifetime.
7. It allows us to be fully independent.
8. It allows us to immerse ourselves into a new culture, learn, understand and be more aware of cultures around the world that we would otherwise not have been exposed to.
9. Become fluent in Spanish. 
10. Wake up in the morning excited to work on our projects.
11. With technology we won’t feel so far away from family (Skype, Facetime, email, Facebook, etc.).
12. We have an uncontrollable desire to go because we know the only way to find out if we can truly do this is to just go. 
13. We would regret if we didn’t go. 
14. We aren’t afraid to fail. Failure is not even a realistic thought. It is not an option.
15. We believe in us. 
16. We are confident that the knowledge from college and our work experiences will support the setup and structure our own business.
17. Undeniable hunger for travel, cultures, adventures and new experiences.
18. Full control of what we do every day. Freedom to make all of our decisions. 
19. Learn more about ourselves.
20. Inspire others to do what they want to do with their lives.



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