The Scenic Route

Photo by: Quinn. Location: Big Sur.

People don’t appreciate their simple surroundings. Teach them. Show them. Let’s take that extra hour to go down the more scenic path. For an adventure. For a romantic drive. To make memories we’ll never forget. To learn more about each other like the fact that I don’t like peanut butter and chocolate together. You might have never known that about me had we not taken the long way home and then taken the wrong turn into the cookie bakery in hopes of finding a restroom. Just go with it. Let go. Let life happen the way you want it. Be happy. Be excited about life. Experiment. Don’t be scared. Explore. See the beauty around you. If you’re not seeing it around you then go find it. Nothing is holding you back. No excuses, go take an hour road trip and see something you’ve never seen before. Smile. Have that second cup of tea, another cappuccino, read one more chapter of your hunger games book, eat a peanut butter with chocolate chip cookie. Take the long scenic way back home you’ll remember it more than the quick way. Trust me.

Photo by: Quinn. Location: San Francisco (obviously)

2 responses to “The Scenic Route

  1. Great message here! I’ve been telling the same thing to my 21 year old daughter for sometime now. Go live life, explore, enjoy, have fun, and make a difference. Take the long way home …. love it!


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