Freestyle & Enjoy

Photo by Quinn, taken at my dad’s
apartment in Santa Cruz, CA.

“Just write. Freestyle. Write down your thoughts if you feel like it. If not then just sit back and enjoy the ride.” One of the many reasons I love JB and why we are so perfect together in life as a team. Well I’m going to try to do both. Freestyle write and enjoy the ride because that’s really the point isn’t it? That is why we are making this lifestyle change. To find balance in everything we do. To do everything we want to do right now, prepare for the future we want to have while still enjoying the present. Enjoy our surroundings. Go on adventures. Go to countries we’ve never been to before. Hear languages we’ve never heard before. Experience cultures we never knew were out there. All while making a living, growing as individuals, growing as a couple, giving back where ever we go, creating a future and a life that will positively impact generations after we leave this world. Balance in life is what we strive for. 


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