Are you nervous or scared to move to Nicaragua?

Big Sur, CA

No. I am more antsy then anything. I am very confident that we will succeed in accomplishing all of our goals. It is crazy what we are doing and the only way I can explain the feeling is like getting ready to jump off a cliff into the ocean but not being allowed to jump. Only being allowed to look over the edge knowing that when we jump we will land safely.


Ok now this may sound crazy, but I have never… not once… been scared or nervous about us going to Nicaragua to pursue our ideas and dreams. What actually scares me more is not doing this. Not living the life I want, not creating my own career, not helping people around the world, not traveling, not learning Spanish, not understanding other cultures, not following my passion, not acting on my dreams. To rather just live my life safely here in California, go through the motions and not grow as a human the way I’ve always thought I would. To allow myself to be ok with a life I don’t really want makes me nervous. Traveling to live in Central America to start a business that helps the world with the love of my life does not. 

Dancing under the stars in Santa Cruz, CA


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