The Last Supper

Crossing the Bay Bridge into San Francisco

This trip started out as an adventure, just as we hoped. It wasn’t expected but was definitely an adventure right away. After grabbing “the last supper” with my Justin and Daniel in Cow Hollow at Oshea (Thai Food), Daniel dropped us off at the airport. As we scanned our passports we were notified that our plane to Houston at 12:25am was very full and that they were looking for volunteers to give up their seats. I, of course, with the image of being on the warm San Juan del Sur beach in my bikini on my mind, declined the offer. As Jonathon came across the alert on his kiosk, he shouted, “Babe, did you see this? You said yes right!?” Um, no. Definitely not. Why would I do that? I was resistant at first,  because I never considered volunteering up my seat to get a later flight. Jonathon explained that we:

a. don’t have a set schedule so we can do this
b. we would get money towards another flight
c. we would be put up in a hotel overnight
d. we would get to meals paid for each
e. still get to Nicaragua by the next day and.

It didn’t take more than a few seconds to convince me–it’d actually be fun if it happened and very spontaneous. So we got to gate 85 and told the United rep we would be happy to volunteer with our fingers crossed…


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