Getting Paid to Wait

We got it. $300 in flight certificates each for a total of $600. That’s our next flight to wherever we want to explore. A free flight to Brazil perhaps? On top of the $600, we were also given four $10 meal vouchers ($40) to use in SFO that night and the next day, a $40 voucher for the super shuttle back to the hotel they booked for us at the Embassy Suites which was about $116 room (with free breakfast in the morning).  

$600 + $40 + $40 +$116 = $796

By giving ourselves the opportunity to live a flexible life and take that later flight the next day, we made $796 in one night. Before we knew it, we grabbed our vouchers to grab some late night dinner.

We got to the suites and crashed. Five hours later we were up, eating omlets for breakfast and back on the shuttle to the airport. As soon as we got to the airport, we made some phone calls to tie up the last minute loose ends with cell phone companies and our previous car insurance. Luckily, our flight was delayed so we were able to get it all done before we headed out to Houston. We used every last second we had in America to be as productive as we possibly could before we boarded. 

At the last second, we hopped on the plane… excited to see what adventure was next.

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