High Anticipation

Because our flight was so delayed in San Francisco, our layover was only 20 minutes in Houston. We quickly called all of our credit cards to tell them that we were off to Nicaragua, then jumped in line to board. In front of us were two young nuns with their hats and outfits on. First time I’d ever seen that. Made me think about all of the catholic missionary work down there. I’m excited that I’m actually going to be able to devote all my time and energy to helping people who really need it.

First few minutes after we took off I turned on my music and opened Start Something that Matters–the book I’d been dying to read since I found out about it. I got more excited with every page I turned. We are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing, I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life. The book got my brain going and I absolutely loved it. Jonathon was experiencing the same thing behind me reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad that he had been “meaning” to finish but never had the time. He was completely in the zone, listening to music and taking notes. It was amazing to realize that this is our life. We finally have the time to focus our minds on exactly what we want to do. Learn what we want. Write about what we want. Engulf ourselves in what we want. Grow into the people we want to become. 

Before we knew it, the lights came on and we were in Nicaragua. 

Managua, Nicaragua at 10pm. 
Chapter 3 of Start Something that Matters by Blake Mycoskie

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