Bienvenidos a Nicaragua

Walking to our hotel in Managua

With flexibility comes patience and a certain ease you apply to everything you do. You have to. So we got off the plane, filled out all of our papers, paid the $10 to get in and went to grab our over sized backpack that was carrying our home in it. We got to the luggage carousel and there were no more bags coming out. Ours wasn’t there. We looked at each other and laughed. We were making bets on whether or not our luggage made it there due to the flight change. We handed the lost luggage woman our ticket and luckily it had come the day before! It was in a warehouse somewhere in the airport. We asked the workers where to go and they sent us into some empty closet and started laughing with each other as we came out confused. At that moment, we instantly came to the very real conclusion that we NEED TO LEARN SPANISH.

We finally made it to our backpack and walked outside. We instantly inhaled the hot musky humid air through our nostrils.  Our Budget Inn Hotel was just across the street, so we started walking towards it while being heckled by illegitimate cab drivers who clearly didn’t have a personal bubble. It was quite dark outside at 11pm, so Jonathon grabbed my hand tight as we walked towards the barb-wired fence that would lead us out to the dim lit highway we had to cross. One of the illegal taxi guys from the airport followed and yelled at us all the way to the hotel until he saw the policia in front of the door who was holding a very large gun. I’d never been so relieved to see someone with a gun before. 

Ya, not in Carmel anymore. 

The garden of the Budget Inn

2 responses to “Bienvenidos a Nicaragua

  1. Too funny! I recognize the picture as the Best Western across the street from the airport in Managua. Lori and I stayed there 9/2013 on our way back to Portland after traveling the country from north to south. We love Nica and the people are very friendly. We hope to be back soon.

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