Taxis and Strange Men in Rivas

The bus coordinator came up to us and said, “San Juan Del Sur! Vamos!” We grabbed our bags and were immediately swarmed by 7 different men yelling at us, “Taxi! Taxi!” The bus coordinator took us to an older man. We jumped into his car grasping our bags in hope that he was going to get us to the hotel we researched, Hotel Nina. We made a quick stop at the gas station when an old drunk man with one eye came up to me, grabbed my arm and started mumbling Spanish in my face. I had no idea what he was saying and quickly looked at the taxi driver for assistance. The driver calmly explained that he just wanted money for Guaro, a cheap liquor that’s popular in Central America. I looked back at him and said sorry. He rubbed my arm, smiled and then stumbled away. This was the first time I experienced someone touching while begging for money–which made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

The rest of the ride was very pleasant. Quinn silently observed our surroundings in the back, while I attempted to speak Spanish with the driver up front and learn more about life in Nicaragua. He spoke to us about everything from the active volcanoes in Nicaragua to the famous statue of Saint Cristo on the mountain overlooking the ocean. 

40 minutes later we arrived in San Juan del Sur. Finally. 

It was more beautiful than both of us imagined. 

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