Drinking Alcohol in Nicaragua

Many of you have been curious about what the most popular alcoholic beverages are in Nicaragua. If you guessed that locals don’t drink alcohol you are wrong. The most popular liquor amongst both visitors and locals is Rum. The more luxurious brand of rum is called Flor de Caña (shown in video above). It comes in both white and brown. The brown is a bit more expensive at 240 cords ($10.43) for a liter while the white is only 180 cords ($7.83) for a liter and 295 cords ($12.70) for a handle. Many locals and backpackers choose to buy a rum called Joyita which is served in a plastic bottle. This only costs 17 cords $0.74 for 365ml but it has a bit of an extra burn. Quinn has enjoyed taking advantage of ladies night every Wednesday and Tuesday where she can get unlimited rum drinks for two hours at different bars for free.

The most popular beer, and our personal favorite, is called Toña (tone-yah). This beer can be found in all bars sold for about $0.86 per bottle depending on what time it is purchased. The beer is also sold at markets for $1.74 per liter. The beer is delicious. It tastes a little bit darker then a Corona, more similar to a Pacifico yet it maintains its own unique flavor. We enjoy it most with a lime in a beer glass. There are other beers here but so far we haven’t been big fans. If taste isn’t your top priority and you’re just looking to get the job done, then these cheap beers are your best options as they only cost $0.43 per pint.

Overall the drinks are great, cheap and fun and best served on the beach overlooking a red sunset.


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