A Cheap Snack – Enchiladas

On our way back from Palí (Central America’s local chain super market, owned by Walmart) we walked past a house with a handwritten sign that said: “Una enchilada – 5 cords”. Quinn and I got really excited and knew we had to try them. I knocked on the already opened door of the house– inside was a family in their living room just hanging out and talking with each other. The father of the family got up from his chair and greeted us as the opening of door. “Hola senor. Dos enchiladas, por favor?” I asked. “Si, si. Uno momento,” he responded as he walked into the kitchen. 

The mother of the family smiled at us and invited us to sit with them in their living room on the couch. We made as much small talk with the sweet family in Spanish as we could with our limited vocabulary. We talked about where we had come from and how long we were in town for. As we were explaining how long we plan to be here for, the father quickly came back out of the kitchen with two plastic sandwich bags. We said thank you and promised to come back again soon. We love meeting locals and finding out where they get their snacks. 

To my surprise, the enchiladas looked a bit like the Jack in the Box tacos but served with the traditional Nicaraguan vinegar marinated cabbage & veggies salad. We took a few bites and loved them. Two little taco snacks with cabbage salad for only $0.44 ($0.22 each) and they were actually good! The first bite of the enchilada was crunchy and had a fair portion of meat, which we assume was beef. Once we got to the middle, it was tender with more meat and seasonings. There was a nice tart flavor as well from the cabbage salad that really complemented the seasonings in the meat. 

Not a bad snack for the walk home from the market. 


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