The Spontaneous Hike

Yesterday after eating breakfast we went for a spontaneous walk on the beach. It was a sunny morning and the tide was very low. After walking the length of the beach we reached the far west end made up of a rocky reef. We didn’t want our walk to end, so we kept walking around the corner very carefully as the reef below us was delicate and slippery. We saw several fishermen with their young sons fishing while standing barefoot on the edge of the reef, using only fishing line and a bait. As we walked past them we found a small path that went up the mountain. Fully intrigued we decided to climb up the rocky path in our flip flops.

We hiked up the crumblings rocks not knowing where we were going, but in hopes that we would stumble upon a completely different view of our town. We eventually reached a long set of very old steps covered in vines and weeds. 

On the cement railing were several geckos that would quickly run out of sight with every step we took. We reached the top which were flat empty grass lots surrounded by a beautiful cement railing. We looked behind us to see what we had climbed up and saw massive mansions built throughout the hills. 

As soon as we turned around to see the view we knew exactly why they were built. It was a gorgeous birds eye view of the entire beach town of San Juan Del Sur. The ocean, the boats, the coral reef, the tropical forest and everything in between. It was truly spectacular. 

We continued to climb up stairs until there was literally no where else to go. At the top of the mountain was the infamous statue of Saint Cristo blessing the land and the people of San Juan del Sur below.

It looked much bigger up here than it did down on the beach. Both tourists and locals must pay if they want to see the statue and the view it beholds (locals pay $0.87, foreigners pay $2). After speaking to the friendly yet armed security guard, Jose, we left the tourist scene to find yet another new area to explore. 

After that amazing hike, we decided that the rest of the day would be dedicated to taking the path less traveled. So we continued to walk down the hill back towards town to continue our adventure. 

The next part of our walk was very rarely traveled by tourists and we were about to quickly found out why.


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