A Delicious Nicaraguan Dish

One day while Quinn and I were working on the computer in our living room, our land lord Elizabeth brought up some of her family’s dinner she had just made for them. “Es Pipian. Es muy bien!,” she said. At first glance, it looked like an apple crisp desert (Quinn was stoked as she loves dessert). However, to our surprise, it was actually a stir-fried dish made with Pipian, onion, ginger and garlic. The texture is comparable to a hybrid of squash and zucchini. Its a very common dish cooked here and requires no meat, so it’s a quite simple and cheap meal to whip up. 

We enjoyed the different asian flavors it had; they were very different from the flavors we’ve had the past three weeks. Before we knew it, both plates were gone and we were both very happy campers. We’re excited to learn where we can buy Pipian so that we can experiment cooking with it and other new vegetables here in Nicaragua that we have yet to discover.


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