Dia de Madre in Nicaragua

The other day, Jon and I felt the urge to work in a new location. We decided to walk down the street to our local library where there is wifi and a quiet place to work. When we got there, we saw a couple kids outside on the bench doing arts and crafts with large red paper hearts. I smiled and said hi to them. We looked inside and saw that the library was packed with little children doing similar arts and crafts as the kids that were outside. It made both Jon and I feel good that this little library was being utilized so much by the local kids. So we took a quick break to sit down together on the bench next to the kids. 

One little boy was so focused on his little paper heart, he didn’t even look up when we sat down. We looked at the heart he was making and in the middle of the heart he was writing, “Feliz Dia de Madre!” All of the paper hearts the kids were making were for a very big holiday in Nicaragua, Mother’s day. Mother’s day here in Nicaragua is actually later than in the States–its on May 30th. Big red paper hearts made by the children are hung up by proud mothers inside many of the corner stores and restaurants in San Juan del Sur. The day is seen as a very important holiday to the Nicaraguan culture–some mothers even get the day off! 

We waited outside on the bench for the kids to finish their art projects before we went in and sat at a table. Within 15 minutes the library was vacant and we grabbed a seat. The library was set up by volunteers around the world as a philanthropic project and has been hugely successful. Many English speaking expats volunteer to teach English to the locals at the library, something we’ve both looked into and plan to do once we are better at communicating in Spanish. The library has been set up to give the children a location to read, study, create, go online and learn anything they desire. It is very small–about the size of a San Francisco studio apartment. It’s much smaller than either of our apartments in California–but it’s one of our favorite places in San Juan del Sur to work on our business.


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