The Perfect Way to Start Our Day

The Comedor Nohemy

Our favorite breakfast place in all of San Juan del Sur is convineiently located in the local mercado across the street from our house. We fortuitously stumbled upon it as we were discovering the mercado for the first time our first week here. When you walk into the mercado, to your left are 5 different restaurants right next to each other in the same building. The only thing that distinguishes the restaurants from each other of the different color walls (see in photo above, the blue next to the pink wall). There are several large bench tables spread out in front of all the restaurants, so you never know who you’ll be eating a meal with when you sit down. That first day, we randomly decided to check out  the third restaurant down from the main entrance for our first breakfast in the mercado. A girl who was sitting in front of the restaurant greeted us and gave us a menu. We took a look and were impressed by the prices, so we sat down. 

The girl smiled and we talked for a while, introducing ourselves to each other. Her name is Helen and would soon become our good friend considering we see her about three times a week for breakfast now. She helps us with our Spanish and tells us the inside scoop on food market prices. We’ve met her beautiful family members who all work there at the restaurant as well–they’re full of life and laughter every morning.

Our friend Helen and Quinn this morning at breakfast

This restaurant was where we first felt we were actually eating food at our ideal price here in San Juan del Sur. Every time, I order may favorite huevos rancheros which consists of two fried eggs, rice and beans, avocado, tortilla and a lime. Quinn orders a ham, cheese & bell pepper omelet with avocado, lime and tortillas. We usually split the meals and share because they’re both large and delicious. The total cost of our two meals is 70 cordobas which equals $3.04 (including tip). We are considering eating there for breakfast five days a week as the cost is within our budget and it fills us up for more than half of the day. We’re looking forward to finding other local gem restaurants here and sharing them all with you. 

Left is JB’s Huevos Rancheros: 40 cords. Right is Quinn’s Omelet: 30 cords.

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