Street Food in Nicaragua: Vigoron

On the corner of the street where our home is located there are a couple of ladies who sell street food. I have seen many locals walking around eating out of two large banana leafs wrapped around some type of food. Yesterday, after having a small breakfast of corn flakes and banana for breakfast, we were very hungry when lunch time came around. We walked to the corner and attempted to order a snack in our improved Spanish. After talking to the women, we realized that there were two types of food available. One was a Nicaraguan enchilada, much like the enchilada we found on the street earlier in the month, at the price of $0.43. The other option, called Vigoron, was much bigger and was selling for $1.30. 

Vigoron consists of a vinaigrette cabbage based salad, boiled chopped up yucca (similar to potatoes) and a few chunks of pork all wrapped in two banana leafs. Quinn and I ordered one Vigoron and brought it back to our place, not quite understanding what we just purchased. 

The pork was tough yet flavorful with a few juicy parts. It was delicious, but Quinn was a little skeptical of some of the chunks of meat. The yucca had a hint of chili in it and the cabbage salad was soaked in a tart vinegar dressing. We ate it with our hands attempting to grab all three parts of the meal for the perfect bite. 

While eating it we realized that this was not a snack but actually a substantial meal. We shared one and were surprisingly full for the next 5 hours. Towards the end of our meal we realized that a little critter wanted to enjoy some of our meal as well. At that point, we were done with our meal, but we expect to still have it again for lunch soon.


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