Italy in Nicaragua

Mauricio’s Pizzeria San Juan

After eating at several different restaurants, we quickly found our favorite pizzeria in San Juan Del Sur. Mauricio’s Pizzeria San Juan is owned by a lovely expat from Northern Italy. Every time we eat there we see him sitting outside playing chess and conversing with local friends. He loves what he does and doesn’t have to work very hard.  He has about 5 women working in the kitchen, a waitress and one young man who delivers the pizza. You can go there and grab a warm crisp handmade slice of pizza for $0.87 or a whole pie for $5.00-$6.00. The beauty of this place, besides the delicious cheap pizza, is understanding that the owner is living his dream. He goes to his restaurant and just hangs out with friends while drinking wine and eating pizza. Not many people are able to succeed at living their ideal lifestyle. He inspires us.

The owner (on the right) playing chess with a local friend in the pizzeria 

As we were speaking to him the other night, we told him how much we loved his pizza. He explained to us that he bakes the pizza the night before to let the dough settle and flatten into a more natural state. This allows people to eat the pizza without having an uncomfortable feeling of being stuffed with dense bread. It is a technique he brought over here from Italy.

I explained to him that I had family from Venice and spoke a bit of Italian– we instantly bonded. He missed his country very much, but also loved San Juan del Sur. He could make a very generous living here, while still maintaining the slow food simple lifestyle of Italy. His pizza is definitely the locals’ favorite, as well as ours.


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