Exercise Outside in San Juan del Sur

There are many different and very fun ways to exercise outdoors here in San Juan Del Sur. There is just one indoor gym here in San Juan del Sur—it’s very small, costs 30 cords ($1.30) per visit and is really only used by men who want to lift heavy weights. Exercise is much more commonly done outside by everyone here. Hikes are abundant and beautiful all over San Juan del Sur. Our favorite so far has been the one up to Saint Cristo. We’ll update you all on more hikes as we experience them—but just remember to always be safe!

Running is a very popular activity on the beach during sunset when it’s much cooler. There’s a wonderful +68 year old woman who runs up and down the beach every day and then stretches on the rocks at the end of her run. She’s very impressive and actually motivates us to always be moving. The other day, we were craving an intense workout, so I decided to draw 6 parallel lines down a significant stretch of the beach to run several sets of suicides. We did five sets and were exhausted. A few people walking by cheered us on as we were sprinting back and forth, which made us both smile while in pain. The best part about running on the beach is that when you get so hot you can’t breath, you just jump into the ocean and go for a swim.

Local resident practicing shot-put with a large rock on the beach

We’ve seen many people get creative and resourceful with their workouts on the beach. Some bring buckets to the beach to fill up with water and use them dumbbells for their lifting routine while facing the sunset. The stronger individuals find large pieces of wood and throw them into the ocean as seen in Life out of the Box Video – Part 1.

Pickup soccer games are also played every evening on the beach by several locals, who are very good

Surfing is very common here by both locals and tourists for good reason—there are several beaches near the main town with great waves. Many bring their own boards or rent a board for the day for just $10. The beaches outside of town usually have more consistent breaks, so many choose to grab a roundtrip shuttle which averages to be about $10 as well. Skimboarding is also very popular here due to the hard and rockless sand.

The community volleyball net on the beach is used by everyone in town for pickup volleyball games
Jon and I have enjoyed playing with our frisbee up and down the beach at sunset every evening. Occasionally, people walking along the beach together will join in the game for a throw or two—it’s been a fun way to connect and meet new friends.

It’s very fun working out here because everyone finds their own unique way to stay active and healthy simply by being outside in beauty around us. The big things we do miss though are major sporting events in San Juan del Sur to attend and get into as sporting fans!

3 responses to “Exercise Outside in San Juan del Sur

  1. Seems you do not know…. Kick Boxing & water Arobics at the upper pool Pelican eyes starting at 9:20 am on Mon. & Fri. Come on up and enjoy, it is free to those who come. Water Arobics start at 10:am just come up the hill and tell the man at the gate you are going to water arobics. See you there. Ralph

  2. Will- muchos gracias!! :)Ralph- Wish we would have known, thank you for informing us and our readers! We will definitely check it out this week, looking forward to it. See you there!-Q & JB

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