The Black Whale Bar in Nicaragua

On the first day of arriving in San Juan Del Sur, Quinn and I were anxious to grab a few beers and fill our stomachs with a nice big burger. Luckily, our hunt was quick as our new friends in San Juan del Sur brought us to what is now our favorite bar here: The Black Whale.

As we entered we noticed that there was a solid mix of locals and tourist drinking, smoking and dancing. The outside patio was colorful and comfortable with a variety of lounge chairs and hammocks available for guests. There were a couple of pool tables and a fooseball game that were being played by everyone with a beer in one hand. We walked into the bar and dance area where the DJ was playing some great dance music. Across from him was a stage that was getting set up for a reggae band to preform in the next 20 minutes. We went straight up to the bar and explained our craving to the nice bartender, who luckily spoke English. He grabbed two large mugs and poured us each a half a liter of ice cold beer. The cost for both beers was 50 cordobas ($2.17). He then asked us if we wanted a big burger to which we enthusiastically responded, “Yes please!! The biggest burger you’ve got.” He smiled and said, “You got it.” The burger was 120 cords ($5.11)–the price of a large pizza here, so we were excited to see just how big this burger was.  

We laid down outside in one of the hammocks while waiting for our food. We watched the locals and tourists play pool and fooseball while chatting with each other. Within 10 minutes, the waitress came up to us with a very large platter. On the tray was a mound of french fries and a cheeseburger literally the size of my face. Biggest burger we’ve ever seen. We quickly cut it in half and dug in. It was delicious, juicy, filling and surprisingly had more meat than bun like I would have expected. We happily ate the whole plate all while flushing it down with beer. Within five minutes–food coma struck and we were ready to fall asleep in the hammock. 

Overall Black Whale is a great bar for eating, drinking, relaxing, listening to music or playing bar games. It’s fun, young and full of people from around the world connecting with each other over a nice cold beer in the warm Nicaraguan nights. It’s our favorite spot to hang out so far and is a great place to meet both people who live here and travelers just passing through.


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