Our Expat Cravings in Nicaragua

Although this list may seem long, we’re really enjoying everything that Nicaragua has to offer us here. It has so much. We learn and try something new everyday. We’re loving every bite & sip of the foreign experiences here that we wouldn’t be able to have anywhere else. In fact, I’m sure in the future we’ll be making a list of things we’re craving that are only available in Nicaragua. But for now, here are the things in California that we’re craving!

A photo of a very large McDonalds in Chicago that I took the first time I visited 

McDonald’s: I’m constantly craving the McChicken and JB needs a Big Mac. Both of course with their epic french fries. Luckily, there are McDonald’s here in Nicaragua but only in Managua. It was only recently that McDonald’s came back to Nicaragua (they closed their branches when the civil war broke out here), so they haven’t spread all over quite yet. Looking forward to our next trip to Managua!

Our favorite Thai place in North Beach, SF

Burger King: Normally in the states neither of us go to BK, but the lack of fast food has made us crave anything in that field. There’s one in neighboring cities, so we’ll write about our first visit to one of them very soon. 

Thai Food: Specifically our favorite place in SF King of Thai Noodle in North Beach. Their Tom Yum soup & Spicy Panang Curry with jasmine rice. It’s hands down our favorite spot to go to for Thai food in San Francisco. We hope to go back soon!

Chinese Food: Specifically Sam Wo’s in SF… although we’d be craving this even if we still lived in SF because Sam Wo’s is closed. Such a tragedy. Late night Chinese food will never be the same in SF again. Craving their chow fun and mystery hot tea. 

Indian Food: Our favorite Indian food restaurant in San Francisco was on the edge of North Beach: Kennedy’s. It’s an Indian Restaurant and Irish Pub together and had the most amazing food. Their Chicken Tikki Masala was our favorite. If you haven’t tried the place, we highly recommend you do–they’ve got a large quality selection of beers at the Pub too. 

Skittles, Sour Patch Watermelons, Sour Ropes, Chewy Sprees, Red Vines, etc: Alright, so I can’t list all of the candy that I’m craving here, would take up too much space. Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE candy. The only thing they have here are Skittles, but they cost more than a big slice of pizza with soda! I’m reminded how much of a gringo I am every day with all of these gringo priced cravings. First person to visit us, please bring candy!

Sirachi: To be honest, I’m not quite sure how JB has gone this long without it. The guy used to put it on EVERYTHING! His stepsister even got him a huge tub of it for his birthday (great gift). Haven’t seen it here yet, but we’ve made do with the local hot sauces here which are quite good. 

Taken during the holidays at Dad’s in Santa Cruz
Red Wine: A nice glass of dark smooth red wine–either a cab or sirah. They have some here but you can see through the majority of the light red bottles. The biggest seller here is Barefoot, which is of course the same price here as it is in the states. Another of those gringo items sold at a gringo price. Hoping mom can send me a bottle similar to Far Niente or Silver Oak via mail soon. 
Cheese: Missing the days when we would go to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and choose from a wide variety of cheeses for the week. Cheese and red wine–there’s nothing better. Again, they have some here but it’s a very limited selection and it’s a gringo prices. We have, however, discovered the Nicaraguan cheese here which is quite good (reminds me of a less crumbly feta cheese), very natural and of course cheap. 
A beautiful holiday platter of cheese made by my stepmom Monique, yum!

Sushi: For me, it’s Sushi Heaven in Carmel. For JB, it’s Sushi Tandy in Fairfield. If you’ve ever been to either of the restaurants, you know why. There’s a sushi restaurant here in San Juan del Sur, but the prices are ridiculous, even for California standards. Rolls start at $14 on the menus–I can get two rolls in Carmel for the price of that. Needless to say, we’ve never gone and don’t plan on it. But we’re definitely on the lookout for sushi in Nicaragua!

Oatmeal Cookie Chunk Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream: It was just cruel to have a pint of this the week before we left.

Overall, lacking these items is the small price we have to pay for the life we currently live here in Nicargua. And we really wouldn’t trade living here right now for anything.  


3 responses to “Our Expat Cravings in Nicaragua

  1. Great idea–we've actually thought about that! The closest thing we've come to making our own sushi was making fresh ceviche, which we LOVED. We'll update you on more delicious seafood creations we create in the near future!-Q & JB

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