Our New Home in Hospedaje Elizabeth in San Juan Del Sur

Last week we had to decide if we were going to stay in our first Nicaraguan home or move somewhere else in San Juan del Sur. We loved our first place mostly because of our Nicaraguan family who we were becoming so close with. However, we were also looking forward to having our own kitchen, bathroom and dining area. Fortunately, we were able to have the best of both worlds and found exactly what we were looking for down the hall from our first apartment in Hospedaje Elizabeth
Our old place just down the hall!

Our open space kitchen/living room. Also a perfect place to quietly do our work together. 

Our wonderful new apartment is covered from wall to wall in that vivaciously bright blue paint that Quinn fell in love with when we got here. We have our very own kitchen now complete with a petite white stove and oven, a small purple fridge, a large blue tiled counter, a dark wood cabinet to hold our dished and a square dining table perfect for the two of us. Next to the dining room is a decent sized bathroom with a large dark blue/white tiled shower and sink.

The bedroom is very cozy with a full bed, head board, night stand and colorful curtains. To the right of the bed, is a beautiful wood armor closet that offers Quinn plenty of room for her future collection of clothes, dresses and handbags (she packed very lightly). Right now we have a lot of empty space in our closet, but I’m sure that will change soon as we plan to head to the various markets through Nicaragua that are known for their inexpensive handmade clothing and jewelry. Along with the armor, we also have a large dark brown shelving unit in front of our bed which is no where near full yet, but currently acts as our library for all our books and journals. Also on the shelves is a little TV with cable that allows us to watch all of the NBA Final games from the comfort of our own room.

Overall, we love our new spot. It has everything we need. The only question is should we stay here in July or is it on to the next one…

Below are some detail shots of our place, so much color!

Bright colors everywhere here in Nicaragua. Here are some decorative pieces that came on the walls of the kitchen.
Kitchen windowsill tiles and match boxes for the gas stove.
The helpful dreamcatcher Quinn’s grandma gave us before we left.
Our bright red table cloth goes perfectly with the bright blue walls in the house.



4 responses to “Our New Home in Hospedaje Elizabeth in San Juan Del Sur

  1. It looks like you are moving on up. I might be in San Juan for the month of August. What's the rent for the month at your new place.

  2. Hi Gord. San Juan Del Sur is a great town. We're confident your going to like it a lot. The cost of rent at Hotel Elizabeth varies depending on what amenities you need. A place like ours is $350 a month while some of the smaller rooms are only $150.-J&Q

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