Morning of the San Juan Bautista Celebration

This last weekend was an even bigger celebration than the first–by far the biggest celebration we’ve seen here in Nicaragua. It was the grand finale of the month long celebration and they went out with a BANG. The weekend started with non-stop music early Friday morning. It was a nice way to wake up with loud latin music rather than an annoying alarm. The music sounded like it was just outside our window, so we jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see what was going on. 

There were hundreds of people of all ages throughout the street behind our house–most of them wearing either red or green. We quickly found out why there were two distinct colors in the crowd when two large puppets emerged from the streets. The puppets were dressed in traditional Nicaraguan dresses–one green and one red. They represented two teams amongst the parade; luckily I was wearing green, so we followed the green crowd down the street and back to our place to watch the rest of the parade. It was perfect timing because as soon as we got to the porch, it started raining!

When the parade commenced and the tropical rain stopped, we walked back to the street behind our house to see several tents and stages being built all the way down to the beach. Jon of course jumped in and helped the locals out by moving the heavy poles and then piecing the tents together with them– his height is very useful in this town! 

The colorful park in front of the church was filled with families preparing various traditional Nicaraguan snacks for the evening festivities. My favorite of the snacks being prepared was the bag of sliced Mango (aka Mango chips) for 5 cords ($0.21). No salt, no hot sauce, just au natural. We sat there eating our mango chips, listening to music, and watching the food being prepared while the celebration was being constructed around us. We were told that the festivities didn’t really kick off until about 7 that evening, so once we finished our mangos we went for a walk to the beach and then back to the house to get ready for the night. If all of this happened during the day, we could only imagine the things that went on at night…


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