San Juan Bautista Celebration at Night

The sun was going down and we were excited to find out what the street party of San Juan Bautistata was like at night. We got together with some friends from town to grab some pre-party drinks and talk about what kind night we should expect for the evening. After an hour of hearing stories, we were eager to create some of our own and experience it all. 

We walked through the crowded night streets towards the music, which was the same area we were at earlier that day. This time we had to have our guards up because there were thousands of people in the street. The town was wild and ready for the night. The first thing we did was grab a beer. There was a large beer garden selling ice cold 16 ounce cans of beer for 15 cords ($0.64). After we grabbed a few beers we noticed that the music in the street stopped. We suddenly saw lights and heard music up the steps on the stage in front of the church. 

The locals had an awesome cultural dance presentation in traditional clothes with a modern twist by the young dancers. Their moves reminded me of something you’d see on America’s Best Dance Crew–these kids knew how to get the attention of the crowd with their impressively creative maneuvers. 

After that, a popular band from Managua performed on another stage in the street. We watched the concert for a while, but as the street got more packed, we decided to go explore other areas. Behind the stage was a tent with various fruits hanging from the perimeter with a large statue of what we assumed was San Juan Bautista in the middle. 

Behind that were more tents with restaurants inside that were grilling on their BBQs–they made the air smell so good. We kept walking, meeting new people and saying hi to our friends around the streets. 

Finally, we couldn’t resist all of the food around us–we had to have some. Jon got one of the mysterious dishes being sold in the streets.

Jonathon chose to buy food from a vendor selling something that looked like a large egg white omelet in a tortilla. The guy put it together and then quickly added grilled onions mixed with three different sauces and then topped it off with salt. JB had no idea what he was eating, but for only 15 cords (64 cents) he figured it would be worth the risk. We later found out it was called Quesillos and the egg white omelet was actually some kind of cheese. It was delicious. It tasted like a gourmet quesadilla made with very unique cheeses. 

Of course, I got more mango chips and then had to get my favorite traditional Nica dish of grilled chicken (they put this spicy chicken rub on it that’s to die for), fried plantain chips, and vinegar cabbage salad for a whopping 50 cords ($2.17)–I know, I’m an expensive date. Note to guys: an expensive date of $2.17 means you’re going to love dating in Nicaragua. 

We took the last bag back to our place as it was fairly late and we wanted to wake up for the rest of the fun festivities that happened the next morning. 


One response to “San Juan Bautista Celebration at Night

  1. I look forward to doing a lot of dating when I'm there. I'm willing to spend $10 a date. So use that picture I sent to find me those classy nicaraguans. Preferably the ones from the rum commercial. DD

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