Lifestyle Adjustments in Nicaragua

Here is a list of some of the big lifestyle changes we’ve encountered here in Nicaragua compared to life in California. Life is quite different here in some aspects than it was in California, but now the changes are just a normal part of our daily life and we’re loving every second of it. 

Saturday Audio Announcements

Every Saturday morning the town of San Juan Del Sur has vehicles drive up and down the streets with loud speakers making announcements about either the events going on around town that week, deals & discounts available for cell phones, or the local drink special for the night at bars like the Black Whale. They’re really loud and can be quite annoying, but fortunately they constantly move up and down the various streets in town so the noise only lasts for a minute. One day we even saw a truck making announcements while a live band played music in the bed of the truck. We thought that was a creative and innovative marketing technique.

Water Outages

This occurs at some of the strangest times. There’s seems to be no rhyme or reason for a water outages here. Ironically, after a massive rain storm we won’t have water all day even though the streets are flooded with it. We’ve found that not having water prevents one from doing many things. So we’ve learned our lesson and now we keep a few bottles of tap water near by so that we can flush the toilet, do the dishes, wash our hands and brush our teeth no matter what.

The Big Bugs

The are some big and dangerous bugs as many of you have seen in the short video we made: Critters of Nicaragua. We have both learned how to quickly adapt by making sure our home is consistently clean and always letting the bugs know who is boss (aka Man Time). 

Cold Showers

We haven’t had a warm shower since we left the States, but cold showers here usually don’t bother us because it’s always so warm and tropical outside. The only times they’re a bit painful are when it’s early in the morning before the sun is up and late at night after the sun has set. Without the sun, the temperature drops just enough to make the cold water shock our skin when we first get in.

Not Walking Around With More Than $10 (C$233) 

Honestly, we know that we could probably walk around with more money, but after all of the stories we’ve heard we feel it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We figure that a. we don’t ever need that much money and b. we might as well keep it safe if we don’t need it as tourist robberies do occur. We’d like to emphasize this rule of thumb for all of you travelers if you’re going out at night here to drink. Going out and having a few drinks is a lot of fun here and is very inexpensive–you usually won’t need more than $10 anyways. Robberies happen mostly at night after tourists have had a few drinks because they become easy targets. So maybe pre-party before going out and stick to the $10 rule when out and about. 

Locking Up Our Valuables 

Adios to the days of leaving our laptops out on the bed with the front door locked. We will never get comfortable here. We can’t. No matter what, we always lock up our valuables anytime we leave the apartment–even for just a half hour. We currently use 3 different locks, 1 locked closet, and a locked front door. It can be a hassle sometimes when leaving the apartment or when we need to get something out of the bag, but it is worth it. 

3 responses to “Lifestyle Adjustments in Nicaragua

  1. Life in Nicaragua isn't as dangerous as you present it in your blog. Yes there are some robberies but not as much as you think and if you have your own apartment keep it locked and don't worry about getting your stuff robed. Enjoy the beautiful country you're living at.

  2. Thank you for the advice. We definitely do enjoy the beautiful country. We absolutely love it here. We are extra cautious because to many tourists and locals have shared their stories with us about how they were victims to theft and we want to make sure to do everything we can to prevent this from happening to us.

  3. I personally think it's better to be safe than sorry. My husband and I feel very safe here in Nicaragua but the reality is crime does happen here, just like it does elsewhere in the world.Follow the link pasted below to read a detailed account of a home invasion that happened a couple of years ago in San Juan del Sur. the meantime stay safe!Elisha

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