The Bus Ride to Rivas

Lately, we’ve been wanting to explore different and bigger markets other than the one in San Juan Del Sur. So last week, we decided to check out the market closest to us in Rivas–just a 45 minute and 15 cordobas ($0.64) bus ride away. We invited our Nicaraguan amigo Chuckie to show us around the Rivas market and help us negotiate the fair local prices. We boarded the bus early afternoon around 11:45, both of us wondering if this ride was going to be similar to the first time we rode the bus in Nicaragua.

The colorful bus was filled to the brim of mostly locals and a few backpackers. Luckily all three of us got a seat and before we knew it, we were off. We opened the window and admired the green scenery all around us.

Quinn stared out the window with a look of pure focus in hopes to see a monkey. Unfortunately, she didn’t see any, but she still enjoyed the ride. We felt very comfortable on the bus this time because it wasn’t our first time taking the bus in Nicaragua and plus Chuckie was teaching/talking to us in Spanish the whole way there. We began to notice more infrastructure as we approached Rivas. There was a small baseball stadium and a fast food place called Tip Top–this was the first time we saw a fast food restaurant in two months! When we got off of the bus at the Rivas bus station, the intense heat smacked us right in the face. Without the cool sea breeze, Nicaragua is quite hot and humid.

As we adjusted to the temperature and looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings, we noticed a lack of color in the town. Everything here looked brown compared to the bright and colorful town of San Juan Del Sur. There were hundreds of people walking up and down the street offering a variety of services and goods, similar to managua but not nearly as aggressive and overwhelming. We got off the bus and asked Chuckie “¿Donde vamos?”. We had no idea about what we were going to see.

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