4 of our Favorite Things in Nicaragua

Gallo Pinto: 

I never thought I would love it so much but I do. Many of you are familiar with it. It is rice with beans fried with onions and garlic. It is my substitute for chinese fried rice and it is surprisingly addictive. I tried to cook it once but it is actually difficult to make and if done right it can be the cheapest piece of art you can buy in the country.
The Family Lifestyle:


Family in Nicaragua is number 1 over everything. This really resonates with Quinn and I as we’ve both always lived by the motto “family first”. Usually family members live with their elders through out their life. The grandparents become extremely close with the grand kids causing a family relationship unlike any I have seen in the states. I have a strong respect for the relationship and the way that they care for each other.

Nicaraguan Sunsets: 

The sunsets are gorgeous and truly amazing. The most amazing one that I saw was a fire red sunset causing the water to turn bright orange and fade to purple on the opposing side of the bay. They are really special and remind us of the beauty found in life.
Warm Rain

Before Nicaragua, neither of us really cared for the rain. Rain in California meant it was cold, overcast and generally unpleasant outside. Here though, the rain is warm, the air is humid and the sun is even out sometimes. The rain doesn’t usually last very long and makes all of the plants around us even greener. The tropical rain doesn’t bother us at all. In fact, we often like to sit outside in the rocking chairs on the porch when its raining outside.

2 responses to “4 of our Favorite Things in Nicaragua

  1. Hmmm… take it you've never been caught outdoors in your Sunday best during a rainstorm then?!? 😉 Nice until you need to be doing something productive, but that's merely IMO. (:Sunsets and family are up there for me, though, as well as humour and the general cariñosa nature of the vast majority of Nicaragüenses who don't see you as a wealthy foreigner.Nice article!

  2. Quiksilva,Haha no we have not been caught in the rain in our Sunday best yet, crossing our fingers though! The sunsets and humor of the people are definitely amongst the top best things here. Our friends crack us up! Thanks so much for reading and for your feedback :)Best, Q & JB

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