Surfing in San Juan del Sur

Many visitors of Nicaragua are drawn to San Juan del Sur because of the many beaches with consistent surfable waves. There are four main beaches around the San Juan del Sur bay that are easily accessible by the many shuttles offered in the hostels or on the streets–a round trip ride can range from $7-$10 depending on how many people you have in your group. 

The main beaches people go to are: Playa Madras, Playa Yankee, Colorado, and Panga Drops. For a quick description of each beach, check out San Juan del Sur Guide. We’ve heard from many of our more advanced surfer friends that the beach with the best waves by far to surf is Yankee Beach. It’s about 30 mins south of San Juan de Sur, so it’s a bit too far to walk to from town

The main beach here in San Juan del Sur has its moments of amazing waves as well–we saw some of the best waves here when we watched the surf competition for International Surf Day in June. Usually, the waves in the bay are shoulder high and only rideable when the tide is up. They make for great body surfing waves, which Jon does whenever we go down to swim in the warm water. 

The majority of the surfers are either local teens to twenty-somethings with a lot of experience or tourists that are trying to surf for the first time. There’s also a solid community of experienced surfers from around the world who travel here to Nicaragua just to surf the untouched beaches and uncrowded waves. The cost to rent a board in town is $10 per day which is relatively expensive here, so the only people who rent them are tourists. 

For the experienced surfer, San Juan del Sur is a great place to rent a room to put your stuff down, rent boards and then quickly catch a ride to the other beaches around. The bay itself, however, is really best for beginner surfers looking to catch their first wave. 

The best part about San Juan del Sur is that no matter what level surfer you are, there’s a beautiful beach here for you and they all consist of tropical warm weather and waves. For a daily Nicaraguan surf report, along with photos and wave trends, check out NSR.


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