Partying in Managua

After getting ready with the girls, we were off to find the best club in Managua. Our first stop was down a small alley next to a Casino called Pharaohs. There were a ton of cars parked down the alley and we found that the parking lot was full too. Behind the parking lot was a huge two story building with people lined up outside of the club waiting to get in. A Pitbull song was blaring while lasers and colored lights sprinkled the floors. It was crackin.

The girls got excited and got out of the car to ask the security guard how much it cost for girls and guys to get in. For a girl, it was C$150 ($6.25), which included access into the club and free drinks all night long. For guys, it was C$200 ($8.48) but did not include drinks. Although it looked like fun, we decided to check out another place about 15 mins down the road. We pulled into a parking lot that was surrounded by three bars, with one very large building with a sign that said, “Queens”.

There were people everywhere–either bouncing from one bar to the next, buying food from the food vendors in the parking lot or just walking around town. We were in the heart of it. Different music was blaring from all angles around me–I was excited. We were all excited.

The first place we went to was packed. We got our wristbands and slowly walked into the very small dimly lit bar. Everyone was sitting down at tables with bottle service of Flor de Cana. The crowd was a bit older than us, but they all looked like they were having a great time. We walked into the next room which had more people sitting down in front of what looked like a big dance floor. The dance floor had mirrors surrounding it that made the room look much bigger, with a big disco ball in the middle. It reminded me a bit of a cheap 70’s scene, but it was fun. There were a few older couples dancing on the dance floor together. There was also a woman to my right singing very loudly to the song while playing her air guitar. The girls and I couldn’t help but laugh–she was in her own world. It was a little too crowded though and the music wasn’t exactly our style, so we decided to check out Queens.

Queens was two stories tall. It was huge! We paid C$50 ($2.12) each, got patted down by security and then entered. The dance floor was the first thing we saw when we walked in and just behind it was the DJ.  There were at least 75 people our age dancing with music that was familiar to all of us–this was our place. All of the girls here were dressed to the nines. So were the guys in either slacks or dark jeans and brand new shirts. There were tables along the outside of the dance floor where everyone, again, had bottle service. In California, bottle service can be upwards of $200 and in Vegas, upwards of $1000. So how much is bottle service here? $20. We have seen small bottles of rum being sold for as cheap as C$100 ($4.24).

Bottle service is the best way to drink in the Nicaraguan bars when you come with a group of people. Drinks are usually C$30 at the bar, so if we all had drinks at the bar, by the second round we would have paid more than the cost of a bottle of rum. The bar itself, however, was large and wrapped around the whole backside of the club.

The smoke inside the club, along with the nicely dressed people everywhere, the music, the lights and bottle service everywhere made me feel like I was at a night club in Vegas. This was the Managuan night scene. When Nicaraguans go out, they go big. The only difference was the style of dancing. The style of dancing was very technical and fast–similar to Salsa yet to the rhythm of Reggaeton.

We drank, we laughed, we danced.  We had so much fun. There was security everywhere, so I felt safe going anywhere in the club. Around 1 in the morning, the party was still going strong, but we were all getting tired from the 3 hour road trip and we were hungry. So we headed out to the car and made it back to the hotel safely. Just as we were about to fall asleep, the power went out.

The next thing I heard was Orlanda yelling at us all to wake up so she could get home to be with her child. It was about 8am, and we were all exhausted. Before we knew it, we were back in San Juan del Sur. We threw our stuff down in the apartment and came back downstairs where Elizabeth made us all lunch. Another delicious homemade meal with our Nicaraguan family–the perfect way to end an amazing weekend.


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