The Bus Ride to Granada

For the first time in my life, I was going to meet people that knew me before I ever actually met them. They already knew me like my close friends do and I knew them just as well. The lovely couple I am speaking of is Gord and Elisha. 

They knew Quinn and I from our website Life Out of the Box. We knew them from their website in In Nica Now. We used their website to get an inside view of expat life in Nicaragua and they had been doing the same with ours. After numerous comments back and forth on each other’s articles, they kindly invited Quinn and I to stay with them for a few nights near Granada. Both of us were excited for the opportunity to meet and connect with our favorite Nicaraguan expat bloggers. The next day we hopped on a bus from San Juan Del Sur in hopes to gain a new perspective of Nicaragua and make some new friends.

We felt very comfortable with the dozens of merchants yelling and selling us food on the bus at the Rivas bus station; quite different from the feelings we had the first time we experienced them on a Nicaraguan bus. This was normal now. We had grown. 

The first thing I ate was a bag filled with cabbage vinegar salad, one handmade corn tortilla and one piece of fried chicken. This was my personal favorite snack because not only was it filling but the chicken had plenty of flavor to keep me satisfied. 

Quinn enjoyed a different bag of food that had the same type of flavorful fried chicken and cabbage salad, but rather than a corn tortilla, it had her favorite plantain chips. The cost for either one of these bags was only C$10 ($0.42). I ended up eating two bags just because I could. We also had a bag of refreshingly cold cacao milk with a hint of cinnamon that was only C$5 ($0.21).

This was plenty of food to allow us to relax and look out the window at the beautiful green scenery on the side of the road. The bus rode from south west to north east, for 2 1/2 hours, through the many farm fields and towards the colonial city of Granada on Lake Nicaragua. As we got closer to Granada, Quinn and I noticed a significant increase in very different looking infrastructure. This was very different than anything we had seen in Nicaragua so far.

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