Arriving at Laguna de Apoyo

As we approached the large wooden gates of Laguna de Apoyo Lodge, the three dogs, Mod, Congo, and Dew, came up to the SUV eager to greet their guests. Gord opened the door and the little black dog, Congo, jumped in with excitement. 

Victor, the security guard/gardener, opened the gates and welcomed all of us as we entered. As the we drove down the driveway we could see the entire lake and crater over the top of a beautiful tropical bungalow style resort. This was a special place. 

We got out of the car, carried the loads of groceries inside and as we walked through the doors were instantly amazed by the front room. The first thing we saw when we walked into the room were two large hammock chairs hanging in front of a tall green outdoor garden. On the left side was the living area complete with a cozy bamboo couch and chairs where one could watch movies or play a few board games. Directly behind the living room was a Hookah Lounge with several large colorful and comfy pillows to sit on, a hookah, some unique bright paintings and a variety of travel books.

On the right side of the front room was a beautiful spacious kitchen with cement countertops, modern appliances, local handmade bowls and plates, along with all of the kitchen equipment and utensils one would ever need. Behind the kitchen was the dining room with a massive wooden table, made from a tree that actually fell down on property, which could easily seat eight guests.

The best part about the resort, however, was right in front of us. It was a garden that was completely outdoors. And behind that was our own private view of Laguna de Apoyo. The whole house was technically outside because the house didn’t have any walls on the backside. 
This was awesome: an indoor-outdoor house in the jungle. How was this possible? What about bugs and critters? After looking at the design and experiencing it ourselves, though, we completely understand why. The temperature is always nice and if a heavy rainstorm hits we have a very reliable roof, three walls and a garden to protect us. We loved it.

Gord kindly showed us our room towards the the back of the house. It had everything we needed and more–quite an upgrade from the accommodations we were used to. A comfortable bed with a large white mosquito net, a bamboo desk to work on and our own private bathroom. 
The best part about the room, by far, was the view. There was a large balcony that exposed the gorgeous lake out back. We slept with all four doors to the balcony wide open to let the cool breeze come in at night and to wake up to the gorgeous view every morning.
That epic view became our office for the duration of our stay. We felt so lucky. Great friends, great place, great food and great fun. If life was all about the journey, then this was definitely a good life.


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