An Investor’s Nightmare in Nicaragua

While staying at Apoyo Lodge, Elisha and Gord suggested that we go on a hike with them to explore some of the different areas surrounding the lake. We quickly put on our flip flops and were ready for anything. The hike was on the same road used to drive up to the property, so we got to see the jungle around us more closely. 

As we walked through the jungle we saw a variety of critters some of which scared Quinn and others that were truly spectacular. There were iguanas, geckos, hundreds of different butterflies, colorful birds, and more monkeys. The tropical plants around us were luscious. The air was warm and moist. I could feel my skin happy getting the Vitamin D it craves. My brain was constantly stimulated by my fascinating surroundings. I loved the wild.

Up and down the mountain we walked, for what felt like miles. We noticed that there were many different resorts surrounding the Laguna. One resort that was particularly interesting to us all was called the Villas because it was the most promoted and advertised resort on the lake. So, naturally, we wanted to see what all the hype was about.

After entering the office and convincing management that we were interested in a long term lease, they took us on a guided tour with a driver to show us around the property and to take a look at the various apartments they had. All of the villas looked well maintained and very comfortable on the inside.

We looked inside at about 12 apartments of the 60 in total around the entire resort. The whole time, there was just one thing stuck in my head: ‘Where the hell is everyone?’ There wasn’t a single person staying at the Villas. I asked the driver if there really wasn’t a single person staying on property and he confirmed. There could be numerous reasons as to why this was, but I could only imagine that this reality would be an investors worst nightmare. There was a staff of at least 15 people running everything including an empty restaurant with a gorgeous pool at the top of the hill.

It was a real eye opener for us both because we’re here looking business opportunities. We already knew we weren’t very interested in investing in a brick and mortar business, but this experience further confirmed our spectulations and reasons why we didn’t want to. Oddly enough, the empty resort gave us an extra boost of motivation (as if we really needed one) to continue our pursuit of creating a successful business that makes a difference.

Overall, it was a very beneficial hike not only because of the awesome experience we had of hiking new grounds with new friends, but also because of the surprise local business perspective we gained from the Villas.


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