Laguna de Apoyo

When we got back from our long Villa walk, we couldn’t wait to jump into the lake of the volcano’s crater in front of the house. The resort had its own private access to the water, along with a nice square wooden dock to sunbathe on. We each grabbed a beer, walked down the path and brought both the floatie and the surfboard down with us. 

All three dogs joined us as well—some to swim, others to chase the many birds away from the beach. The goat even followed us to watch and bathe in the sun. 
I quickly dipped my feet in the water–it felt so good. It was cool, but not cold. Just the perfect temperature to cool down as it was hot and humid. After I got through the rocky part of the shore, the sand at the bottom of the lake was soft and smooth and felt great on my feet. It was even softer than the sand at the San Juan del Sur beach.

Jon and I decided to paddle all the way out to the center of the crater together on the surfboard—it was the best view in the whole lake. All around us was a huge ring of vibrant green trees and blue water. It was like we were in a big pool. The waves in the Laguna were pretty choppy and created white water—it felt like we were in the ocean back in San Juan del Sur

JB saw it as the perfect opportunity to teach me how to get up on the board with the little waves. After getting up several times, we decided to just hang out and take it all in. We were out there for hours just swimming together, completely alone. It was just us for as far as we could see in the water.

When I had some time alone, I would go out on the dock in the water with a towel and just sunbathe while reading my book. It was the most relaxing and quiet place I’ve been to so far. The lake was a great water substitute for the beach—a fun place to cool down in the hot jungle!


6 responses to “Laguna de Apoyo

  1. Hi Jamie! This place IS awesome, so beautiful. We traveled there to visit some friends who were staying here and ended up staying for a couple of weeks! We didn't move there though, back in San Juan del Sur for now. Hope all is well with you :)-Quinn

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