Jonathon’s Ideal Day at Laguna de Apoyo Lodge

Everyone has an ideal day. The ideal day of an individual changes all the time. On this particular day in Laguna de Apoyo, I had my ideal day in mind and I would not settle for anything less. My ideal day may be very different than yours. However, I wanted to share it to motivate you all to make sure that every once in a while you wake up and ask yourself, “If I could do anything right now, what would I do?” Then get out of bed and DO IT. 

My ideal day started off with my ideal breakfast thanks to my buddy Gord. We ate spicy red devil eggs with corn tortillas. This was the perfect spicy heat I was craving. The pain felt so good, but was in need of a cool down so we cracked open two refreshing bottles of Toña beer to get the day going. It worked! 

After breakfast settled, I thought, “Why not shoot a little basketball?” It’d be nice to clear my head a little bit while shooting hoops on the ghetto rigged hoop in the middle of the jungle. I played for an hour, broke a good sweat and was then ready for my next activity.
By now my amigo the gardener had left, so I wanted to help him out by cutting down the dead brush and add more to the bonfire he had already started. There was something so appealing about this to me, just something about being a man. Men love weapons and fire.

I grabbed the big sharp machete and went ninja on the trees by chopping them up to make the fire as big as possible. I really have no idea why it was so much fun, but it was.
After an hour of choppin’ it up, I was ready for my favorite activity. Skateboarding. My favorite thing about this resort was that the owner had built a little skatepark in the back. I’ve been skating since I was a kid. It’s almost therapeutic to me. So that inner craving from within took over and I had to do it. I skated up and down the ramps pretending I was surfing a suspended wave. Every so often, I would take a pause to sip a beer, listen to the howler monkeys and take in the fact that I was skateboarding in a jungle on the edge of a dormant volcanic crater lake in Nicaragua.

After a few hours of skateboarding, Quinn and I laid in two hammocks and talked.  We took a quick nap and before we knew it the sun was setting. To me this meant one thing: dinner time. So on this ideal day, my idea of the perfect dinner was homemade pizza. I love pizza.

We made seven pizzas in the outdoor fire stone pizza oven, including the always difficult (yet so delicious) breakfast pizza. I ate as much as I physically could. It was so good.
The sun set, the stars were out and we finished dinner. Quinn and I were ready to relax. We jumped into bed and watched the movie The Change Up with Ryan Reynolds. Quinn quickly fell asleep on my chest. After the movie, I turned off the computer and closed my eyes. In that very moment I realized that I had just accomplished experiencing my ideal day. High-five Jon. High-five.

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