New Life Out of the Box Logo

A couple of week ago, in San Juan del Sur, we met a group of amazing friends from all over the world. We were all staying together in Hospedaje Elizabeth. We had many great nights of talking about life, work and business together. One night, we were talking about Life Out of the Box and getting some really great feedback and insight on the website’s concept and what it meant to our friends. One of our new friends, Katherine from Germany, was a professional graphic designer. She asked to see our logo and website when we got back from the bars so that she could get some inspiration and possibly some ideas on how to improve our overall look.

When we got back from the bars on the beach, JB and I pulled out our computer and showed her everything from our website to the many amateur logo designs we tried to come up with a few months ago. She instantly knew what needed to be done and had some ideas right away. It was amazing how fast she could think of new designs, colors and concepts after looking through our website for just 10 minutes. She was a professional. Her creative and well trained mind in graphic design was just what we needed.

After a bit of back and forth between all of us, she came up with a logo that we believe communicates Life Out of the Box in a simple, concise and aesthetically pleasing way. The shape of the logo is an actual 3D box, which represents the standard box that we’re encouraging you to not just think out of, but to live out of as well. There is an open door on the right hand side, representing a tangible way out of the box. We also love the font and the simplicity of how Life Out of the Box is presented right in the front of the box.

We’re very excited to present this new logo to all of you and want to get your feedback on it. We have not settled on the colors of the logo yet, so this is where all of you readers come in. We will have a poll on both Facebook and here on Life Out of the Box (poll is located in the top right sidebar). Vote on your favorite colors for the new logo and in 2 weeks, when the poll closes, we will reveal the colors that YOU choose. Life Out of the Box is made for you, so we want you to feel connected to our logo and think that you should have a say in how it all comes together. Happy voting, we look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

Here are the color options for the poll:

Navy Blue & White
Yellow & White
Teal & White
Red & White
Blue & White
Black & White

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