Night Out With Scott & Monique

After an amazing dinner with Quinn, her dad Scott and Monique, I was looking forward to showing them a few of the bars in San Juan Del Sur. We all got dropped off right in the center of town, where we eagerly showed them more shops and restaurants that Quinn and I have grown to love. We slowly made our way to the different bars. The only request from the Scott and Monique was that the place be on the beach, which made the decision easy: Henry’s Iguanas Bar and Restaurant it was.

Iguanas is consistently the most crowded bar in San Juan Del Sur filled with both locals and tourists. It’s one of the few places in Nicaragua where you feel like your right back in the States. Songs from the ever popular Call Me Maybe to reggaton music by Daddy Yankee play throughout the bar each night. We grabbed a table downstairs that faced the ocean. The parents were very happy. This was the life.

Upon entering, I noticed that the bar was having a promotion for Flor de Cana bottle service. It was important for the parents to try the local rum for their first time, so I ordered the promoted deal of a what I assumed was a bottle of rum with a coke and soda water. The waiter came back with two bottles and quickly opened them for us. I was at first confused as to why he brought out two bottles, but we all were ready to relax and said, “What the heck, we’ll drink them!”
After a few hours of sharing stories and adventures, both bottles were empty and were ready to go. I was a little nervous about how much it was going to cost because Igauanas is one of the most popular tourist bars in all of Nicaragua and therefore the more expensive option. I prepared myself, looked at the check and was surprised that the whole thing was only $13.75. What a steal. Quinn’s dad was blown away. Bottle service of two good bottles of rum, Coca-Cola, limes, ice and soda water was under $15 at the most expensive bar in town. In the California bottle service, with one bottle, can easily run upwards of $300.

We quickly paid and headed over to the Black Whale for a few large cold beers. After an hour of live music and hanging out outside in the hammocks, we called it a night. Scott & Monique hopped in a cab back to their hotel and we started walking back to our place just down the street. On the way, we attempted to go to our favorite taco stand: The Taco Stop.

Unfortunately, the line was ridiculously long that night so we figured we’d try out one of the different food carts on the street. I ordered one quesadilla for C$40 ($1.71) and watched the nice lady make it for me. She cooked up some lettuce, onion and tomato. It smelt great and I was thinking this was going to be a luxurious snack. Then she pulled out a flat pancake of what I believe was meat. I thought ok weird meat go for it. Then she added some cheese which was already pre melted and lastly added ketchup and mayonnaise. We said thank you and walked back.

Quinn didn’t like the way the meal looked and smelt so she took one bite of the edge with no meat. I, on the other hand, could never let food go to waste so I scarfed it down. It didn’t taste all that bad, just very different. I couldn’t figure out what the meat was or even if it was meat. At that moment late at night, it didn’t really matter. We were tired and excited to show Scott & Monique more of San Juan Del Sur in the daylight.


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