4 of Our Favorite Things in Nicaragua Part II

A Toña Beer With a Lime

It’s Toña time at just about any point of the day here in Nicaragua. Occasionally, even in the morning. Our favorite way to enjoy Tona is with a lime–we think its better than a Corona with lime. It’s that perfect hint of citrus that makes the ice cold beer that much more refreshing while relaxing in the heat of the sun.

The Fish

We love it fried, baked or cooked in lime as Ceviche.  Our favorite fish that we buy at the market are Parrot Fish, Dorado, Tuna and Baracuda. Depending on the type of fish and what was caught, the prices range from C$20 ($0.86) to C$ 90 ($3.83) per pound at the fish market in San Juan Del Sur.

The Coffee

The coffee here, as you can imagine, is strong, natural and delicious. The coffee we drink here is actually from here. Café con leche (with milk) is most preferred by the Nicaraguans, but Jon and I prefer Café Negro (black). The taste of the coffee is much different than what we were used to at Starbucks in the United States. When you try your first cup of real Nicaraguan coffee, you’ll be able to taste the difference. Smooth, flavorful, dark and very strong. The only problem with the coffee though is that if you drink too much your teeth can turn yellow. Other then that it is a perfect way to start the day!

The Fresh Vegetables at the Market

A variety of merchants come to San Juan del Sur everyday to sell a variety of vegetables. I consistently buy ours from the street vendors because they’re fresh, convenient and cheaper than the local grocery store Palí. They’re completely organic and grown locally. We usually grab a small bag of veggies which usually costs only C$10 ($0.43). 

If you havent read our 4 Favorite Things in Nicaragua Part I, check it out!


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