Ideal Surfing in Costa Rica

Every surfer has the same dream: beautiful clear warm water on a empty break with consistent waves. Unfortunately, this dream is becoming more rare to accomplish due to the increase in popularity of surfing in the last 25 years. Although difficult, it is still possible if the surfer has the right tools, dedication and a whole lot of luck.

While staying at Garza Beach in Costa Rica, our friends Richard and Ginger asked us if we wanted to go to the beach so that the guys could go surfing and the ladies could read in the sun. We both quickly said yes and jumped into the car with the boards. The little town of Garza has no cement roads and after a night of heavy rain, the road can be extremely difficult to drive on.  Luckily, Richard has the ideal vehicle. A heavy duty Hummer H2. We drove down the road passing cars, cows and women with babies. We were zooming. We checked the popular surf break just north of Playa Garza: horrible waves and completely crowded. We decided to drive down the road and check out one of Richard’s favorite spots.

In a normal car this trip would have taken us at least an hour through the massive potholes and the river. But Richard’s swift driving and tank of a vehicle got us to our beach in only 20 minutes. Playa Ostienal. This beach is most famous for turtles laying their eggs and is a protected beach with no hotels nor humans in sight. We loved it.

Richard and I immediately paddled out. The waves were spectacular. It’s difficult for a surfer to explain the feeling of riding a wave without sounding like a hippie. But the feeling of becoming one with nature is unlike any other. We both caught numerous perfect waves. I couldn’t stop smiling. The waves seemed to be great for hours and there was no one else out there but us. I almost felt selfish not sharing the waves.

I couldn’t stop thinking that if it wasn’t for the spot being so far away, protected and the surf looking disappointing from the first beach, this day would not have been possible.  At the end of the session, my arms felt like they were spaghetti. I was exhausted but so thankful that I got to experience every surfers dream.  We got back to the house, ate a huge lunch and then took a siesta in the hammock on the beach. Another ideal day.

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15 responses to “Ideal Surfing in Costa Rica

  1. I live in Southern California and has never been surfing. Mostly because I’m a wuss when it comes to cold, hence why i’m living in LA and the pacific ocean water is freezing. I need to get started though so I can go here and surf!

  2. I love surfing in Costa Rica. We saw a Crocodile on the beach after we got out of the water. Kinda scary! The next week after there was an crocodile attack on a surfer on that same beach that we were at. We actually got better waves and thought the people were friendlier on the Pacific side. What did you think? I also loved North of Mal Pais and Montezuma on the Puntarenas Peninsula and Playa Dominical (way South of Manuel Antonio) . It’s such a earthy hippy area. Hopefully you got to go there too? The ferry ride is an experience. Gosh I LOVE surfing in Costa Rica!

    • I love surfing too dude. Crocs would be a crazy sight to see. I don’t wanna see those surfing. No where to hide but up a tree. I gotta go back to Costa Rica and check those spots out. Next time I have to do a visa a run I will. Thanks for the dope comment. I love chatting with fellow surfers.

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