Caira Comes to San Juan del Sur

After the journey to the Managua Airport from San Juan Del Sur  we got to the airport and immediately saw Caira grabbing her luggage. After a few confused looks at Nicaraguan Customs, Caira looked up and immediately started crying and running as fast as she could.
Caira Running in the Managua Airport
The last time we saw each other was when I gave her a hug goodbye in the beginning of May, as seen in our Life Out of the Box Part 1 video. We caught her in our arms and all shared tears of joy.
Brother and sister happy to be reunited in Nicaragua
We got in the shuttle and talked the whole way back to San Juan Del Sur, which made the drive seem much quicker than usual. We all didn’t want to spend a minute away from each other so we all slept in the same bedroom with only one bed.
Quinn and Caira Sleeping
The next day Caira couldn’t wait to get up and see the beach. After reading our articles, she was particularly excited about coconut hunting. Unfortunately, the water in San Juan Del Sur didn’t seem very appealing to the girls that day because there was an abnormally high amount of dead critters all along the beach.
So I swam alone while the girls sat in their custom made sand beach chairs on the shore that we made.
Fun in the sun in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
We ate coconuts, soaked up the sun and caught up on the last few months with each other. As the sun started to set and the colors began to change in the sky, we started to get very excited to take 18 year old Caira to the bars to enjoy some legal beverages.
Another Beautiful Sunset in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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