The Naked Tiger in San Juan del Sur

The Naked Tiger is one of the most famous hostels in Nicaragua. They are most well known for throwing very large and fun parties. We thought that this would be the perfect place to show Caira on her first day in San Juan Del Sur.

The Naked Tiger in San Juan del Sur, NicaraguaThe Naked Tiger is not in the center of town but there is a truck that transports tourists all evening. We jumped on the back of the truck and headed straight to the hostel. As we climbed the large hill we could hear loud party music blasting. My sisters face lit up as we approached the large white mansion. 

In the truck on our way up to Naked Tiger

We all jumped off the truck and went straight to the bar.

Sibling drink time!

After ordering a few drinks we headed to the back yard. Scattered all over the property were a variety of drinking games, and tables with benches.

Poolside at night

We walked around and admired the variety of comments written all over the building. 

There were outdoor beds and hammocks, which had a few passed out kids in them. Inside of the house, there were beds and oversized couches everywhere surrounding a tv that was playing soccer game highlights.

Drinks at Naked Tiger in San Juan del Sur

Anyone could find the perfect spot to relax and have a drink. The bartenders were DJ-ing with their personal computer that had some typical, yet great, party songs from Skrillex to Lil’ Wayne. This place was really the ideal party house because there were no other homes or hostels around the property at all. We had found the ideal spot for college students to party at. 

Fiesta time with a pinata!

We were informed by the staff that it only costs $10 a night if you sleep in the dorm or $5 if you find an unoccupied couch or hammock that you want to crash in. We already had our apartment in town, so we obviously weren’t going to stay the night there. After some drinks and lots of chatting with new friends, we jumped back on the truck and headed back into town for more adventures at the bars in San Juan Del Sur.

Fun on the Naked Tiger truck in San Juan del Sur


2 responses to “The Naked Tiger in San Juan del Sur

  1. I went up there for the day with some of the locals, and realized that the WiFi reaches all the way to the pool… If you connect your iPhone to the wireless network and use Skype, you can give people back home a little taste of your paradise that you can’t really portray in a photo.

    • That’s awesome, will definitely make sure we do that next time we’re there. Did you have a good time there? It’s always a party at the Naked Tiger! Hope all is well with you.

      -Quinn & Jon

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