Reading Spanish With the Students in Nicaragua

As the last student checked out his book, recess started. There was no bell or anything, but all of the kids were out in the courtyard playing, eating plantain chips and reading.

Recess in Nicaragua!!

The kids were reading during recess. Many of them lined up along the wall, grabbed a picture book and started reading together. As I walked over to say hi to them, a little girl jumped up and grabbed my hand. Her name was Anna Marie.

Beautiful Anna Marie

She had the sweetest eyes and a painful looking scar on her cheek, but it didn’t seem to stop her from constantly smiling. She smiled at me and asked if I would read with her one of her favorite books. I smiled back, grabbed her hand and the book and sat down with her in the shade.

Reading with Anna Marie

She hugged my arm and rested her head on my shoulder as we sat there and read the Spanish children’s book. We were instantly pals. We took turns reading every other page and laughed at the silly illustrations. A few other girls came up to us and asked if they could join us, so we both moved over and made room for them. One of the girls kindly offered me a little Nica ice cream (frozen juice in a small plastic bag) that she had gotten for me from the teacher. I thanked her and gave her a hug. It was a very warm morning so ice cream was the perfect snack!

Explaining part of the story to my new friend

There were now about 5 of us girls just hanging out at recess reading and eating ice ream together in the shade. I was so happy in this moment I almost cried.

The girls loved my iPhone

This is what I came here to do. To meet these kids, ask them what they need and create a business that will help these adorable children create a better life for themselves and their families. Every one of them cherished the books as if they were worth a hundred dollars. They wanted to read during recess. They wanted to learn.

Reading Spanish with the girls at school in Nicaragua

Perhaps its because people want what they can’t have. But there is no reason a child should have to apply this mentality to something as simple as reading a book. This project helped fulfill their passion and needs by simply providing used books. Providing them the opportunity to learn. To read. To have a passion for both of these things. They definitely needed a revamp with some new used books though. Perhaps this was a need Life Out of the Box could provide to them…

My favorite group of girls
The article in photos:

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