A First Timer’s Experience on the Chicken Bus in Nicaragua

After a wonderful few days with Caira and our friends in San Juan Del Sur, we knew it was time for us to find a new home. We also thought that it was the perfect opportunity to show Caira the other parts of the country while doing so. We were looking for an apartment in a town that made a variety of handmade products so that we could find the source of the where the products were actually being made. We were still in search of the best products that were the most interesting and appealing to customers in the States.We also knew that having Caira with us as we searched for the perfect products would be a so valuable as she would be a wonderful resource in getting better insight as to what products were appealing to her age group.

Our Next Big Move in Nicaragua

Overall, moving near where the products of Nicaragua were being made was a crucial next step for our business development. We would miss San Juan del Sur very much, where our big adventure started, but we knew we would be back.

Our Next Big Move in Nicaragua

Our Next Big Move in Nicaragua

We gave hugs and said goodbye to the family that owns and runs Hospedaje Elizabeth–the place we called home for our first 3 months in Nicaragua. Unfortunately, goodbyes were cut very short as we rushed out of the door and almost missed our early morning bus to Granada.

Our Next Big Move in Nicaragua

Our Next Big Move in Nicaragua

Quinn and I had everything we owned with us–our whole home was packed up. We were relieved to have been able to pack it all into three backpacks, but we knew it would be difficult walking around Granada with it all and searching for a place to stay at the same time. Our plan of action was to stay at a hostel, unload our luggage, show Caira around the city a bit and decide if the town was the right place for us to settle down.

Our Next Big Move in Nicaragua

As we transferred busses in Rivas, Caira got her first glimpse of the less “touristy” parts of Nicaragua. Our previous experience in Rivas kept all of our guards up. The vendors came aboard the bus and sold all of us breakfast which, for me consisted of a bag of fried chicken with cabbage salad and tortilla while the ladies ate corn on the cob and a corn tamale with no meat inside. Our food all together was under a dollar. Caira was amazed that the food was so cheap and delivered right to her seat on the bus.

Our Next Big Move in Nicaragua

Our Next Big Move in Nicaragua

Along with the food vendors was also a typical DVD vendor selling a variety of DVDs on the bus. He approached us with this movies and usually I would tell him no thank you, but Caira wanted to check them out. He handed us handfuls of DVDs. We saw some of the newest hits of movies and music videos. One particular movie caught Cairas eye: Batman. Not just the newest batman, but all three on one DVD. She couldn’t believe it. The vendor said it was C$20. I told Caira that I wasn’t sure if it would work but she said “At $0.80, it’s worth the risk!” She got the DVD and couldn’t wait to test it out.

Next Big Move in Nicaragua

Before we knew it, the bus pulled away. Vendors were continuing to quickly sell their final items before it was to late to get off. We bought some honey roasted cashews at the last minute and then headed straight to Granada.

Our Next Big Move in Nicaragua

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