A Pivotal Day in Masaya, Nicaragua

Today was a pivotal day of change for us here in Nicaragua. It was a day of big decisions and big change regardless of what we did. Caira was leaving to go back to the States after hanging out with us for two weeks–we had all become like a little roaming family. We also had to make our minds up on whether we were going to move here to the local town of Masaya or if we were going to move to Laguna de Apoyo for 3 months to take the opportunity at Paradiso.
Masaya, Nicaragua
Masaya, Nicaragua
Our first priority was getting Caira on her flight and back home safely, so we packed up all of our stuff and headed to the street to catch a cab. We caught one right outside of our hostel and headed to the airport. The cab from Masaya to the airport and back was only $18. We spent the whole cab ride talking to Caira, telling her how proud of her we were and how thankful we were for this time with her.
San Juan del Sur Beach, Nicaragua
She grew so much from this trip and we knew she would only continue to do so as she went off to college. We were excited to see what her future would hold and we had a feeling it would include coming back to Nicaragua. Before we knew it, we were in front of the airport. We go out of the taxi, walked her to security and gave her big hugs, kisses and tearful goodbyes. Saying goodbye to family is never easy. Even when you know you’ll see them again soon.
San Juan del Sur Beach, Nicaragua
The cab ride back to Masaya was much quieter. We were both thinking about our final decision and how much things were going to change in our lives in just that one day. The night before, at our favorite Chinese food place, we all talked about the pros and cons of living in each of the two towns. After much analysis and back and forth, we decided to take the opportunity of running Paradiso for 3 months and living in Laguna de Apoyo. We were excited to live in the jungle. How many people get to say they did that in their life?
Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua
We saw this as a huge opportunity for us and the development of Life Out of the Box. We saw these 3 months of settling down in the jungle as our business’s “incubator” phase. Where we would have time to only focus on our company. I could develop our website further and redesign it like I’d been wanting to for a while. We would have the time to write. To read. To be creative. To think outside of the box. To be inspired by the nature around us.
Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua
Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua
We would also be immersed in the Nicaraguan culture of Laguna de Apoyo. We would be forced to speak Spanish everyday for most of the day as the staff we would manage only spoke Spanish. It was three months of us being able to develop our business to the point of being ready to launch, progress our Spanish even further, save money, make money and be as creative as we could be. Oh and live on a volcano crater lake in the middle of a tropical Nicaraguan jungle. Plus, the hostel would close for low season, so we would have the whole place to ourselves for a month. Our own private paradise. And to us, it was paradise. It was our ideal life out of the box at this point in our lives.
Paradiso in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua
Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua
After grabbing a few things at Pali in Masaya, we walked for about 30 minutes to the other side of town to the local market bus station. We hopped on the chicken bus to Laguna de Apoyo and sat down next to 3 chickens in the back. It was a familiar scene to that first bus we took from Managua to San Juan del Sur when we came to Nicaragua for the first time to start our new life here. This time though, the chickens and noisy food vendors on the bus felt normal. It was no longer foreign, it was all just a part of our lives. But I still got that feeling of excitement I had on that first bus. We were off to start the next phase of our life here in Nicaragua. It was new. It exciting. We had no idea what to expect.
Masaya, Nicaragua
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6 responses to “A Pivotal Day in Masaya, Nicaragua

  1. you should have written an article about how jon sold me to a nica man for 16 cents..

    love and miss my roaming family:((

    • Thank you Eric! We think so too and will of course keep you updated on how everything goes. Always good to hear from you, hope to meet you when you get down here in a couple of weeks!

      Quinn & Jonathon

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