Weekend Video: Oh the Places You’ll Go!

This video was sent to us my our good friend James, from the UK, whom we met in our travels in San Juan del Sur. He stayed with us in Hospedaje Elizabeth, volunteered with us at the Mobile Library (you can see the dashing brit in Life Out of the Box Part 2) and then we traveled with him up to Granada.

The video is a unique, creative and entertaining video of Dr. Seuss’s famous poem “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” being read by various characters at Burning Man. If you know about Burning Man, you already know it’s going to be an interesting video. The poem was a favorite of mine as a little girl, but I haven’t read it in quite some time– so when I heard the words being read in this video, I started thinking: Perhaps I should be thanking Dr. Seuss in part for this persistent need to travel the world and live my life out of the box. Thank you Dr. Seuss. And I hope this poem continues to inspire little ones to grow up and explore all of the places they’ll want to go like it did me.

Enjoy and Happy Saturday my friends.


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