The Veldt by Deadmau5

Quinn and I have been writing a lot of articles for LOOTB, keeping up with all of our emails and doing many other things that keep us constantly busy. One of my favorite things about working for ourselves is that we can listen to music while working.  We don’t have to worry about answering others when we are in our “zone.”  There’s a variety of music that Quinn and I listen to, so we thought it would be cool to share a bit of our favorite music with you on the weekly.

One song that is constantly on my playlist is The Veldt by Deadmau5. Here’s the song below, press play while reading:

When I put on this song, it sets the pace for my work. Initially slow and calm, then it picks up to a solid forward progression which is exactly how I feel when I sit in front of the computer. The main reason I love this song, however, is because of the way it was created.  The world famous DJ, Deadmau5, put the beat online for any of his fans to download and add their own lyrics to. One loyal fan, who at that time was just a school singing instructor, heard the beat, wrote some lyrics and then sent it back to Deadmau5 via Twitter.  Below is the awesome video showing Deamau5’s reaction the first time he heard the song with the lyrics by Chris James (the singing instructor).

He was so impressed that he had to use them. We love understanding the raw form of an opportunity in its beginning stages and then seeing the creativity that goes into it in order to make the opportunity a success. Right now Quinn and I just work hard on what we love every single day. We’ve never been more creative in our whole lives. We have very little money coming in, but what we do have is a lot of faith that hard work pays off. We study, research and read what we want do and work hard on the projects that we want to work on. We believe that if you keep working hard, eventually you get good and good leads to great.  Follow your heart and, we’re certain, it will pay off.

What song inspires you? Let us know in the comments below!

Deeadmau5 The Veldt


2 responses to “The Veldt by Deadmau5

  1. HI… enjoying your site. Sweet videos. You mentioned your business… i’ve read around the site and I must have missed something because I don’t really understand what your business is. Can you explain more?

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