Outside the Hostel Gates in Laguna de Apoyo

Laguna De Apoyo is a very popular destination for tourists and locals to visit for a relaxing time on the edge of the crater.  While living at the hostel, Quinn and I feel like we are in our own little bubble where we can work and relax in a beautiful setting. Right outside the gates of Paradiso Hostel, however, is a whole new world.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Every morning we are awoken by the loud screams of the black howler monkeys that roam from tree to tree looking for fruit. You can see them in the trees playing as you walk down the street outside. Many times, while walking down the street to the pulperia (local corner store), we have encountered monkey families of 8+ yelling at every vehicle that roars past them in the trees.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

We’ll also see the occasional wild white horses just roaming the streets and eating the leaves in the jungle. They’re always quite the sight against the bright green jungle.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

After seeing all of the wildlife on our walk, we finally get to the pulperia. We love our local pulperia: Pulperia Elizabeth. We buy our rice, beans, eggs, snacks and anything else we need in a pintch if we can’t go all the way out to Granada or Masaya. They also have amazing cooked food at decent prices, which we occasionally get for take out when we don’t feel like cooking.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

We have a few neighbors who we don’t get to talk to very often, but walk by every time we go to the pulperia. One of them is a Christian Missionary, who on Sundays, we can sometimes hear singing hymns in the back yard.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

We love the seclusion of the lake because it allows nature to run wild and creates so much natural beauty. In the evening, however, the scenery changes and creates an inner feeling of seclusion. After a full day of drinking Joyita, many locals stumble around the road in attempts to find their way home. Some drunks are happy or confused while others can be slightly aggressive. Therefore, Quinn and I choose not to leave the gates at night due the potential of being vulnerable to danger in the dimly lit streets.

Our New Home in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

As soon as sunlight hits, however, Quinn and I are either out exploring the variety of wild hiking trails or outside in our tropical yard generating creative juices and being inspired by the impressive art mother nature has created around us.

Our New Home in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

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