The Rest of Our Staff at the Hostel

Here is the rest of our staff at Paradiso. We’re grateful to know each and everyone of them as they each add something unique to this amazing experience we call life here in Nicaragua.


Life Out of the Box in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

This is our other cleaning girl at Paradiso. She primarily cleans the rooms and assists with the laundry, but if we ever need help in the restaurant she eagerly jumps in to help. She is the only staff member who lives on the lake in her house that sits on a gorgeous property 2 miles down the road. Her husband and two beautiful kids are all lovely people who we get to see each day when they come to pick her up on their motorcycle. She has worked at Paradiso for over 3 years so she knows the ropes better than anyone. We love having her on the team and we constantly let her know that.


Life Out of the Box in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

This gorgeous lady is our very talented chef. I often refer to her as my angel because when I got Dengue, she was the amazing woman who took me to her doctor, the hospital and made sure I was taken care of every step of the way. At the time I barely knew her, but taking care of me like I was her family is just how she is–caring and loving. She’s a passionate woman who takes pride in her delicious cooking. She also loves to go out dancing on the weekends and enjoys her Flor de Caña. She’s a very hard worker but always does her work while singing to the radio, dancing in the kitchen, making jokes or playing practical jokes on JB. She’s the life of the party and always brings laughter and light to our day.


Life Out of the Box in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

This attractive guy is our smart, bilingual shuttle driver. We get to see him twice a day, everyday when he comes to drop off the day trippers from Oasis at 10:30am and again to pick them up at 3:30pm. He also is very helpful and takes us into Granada with him when we need to get food for the restaurant. He speaks very good English because he lived in Brooklyn, New York for over 10 years before coming back to Nicaragua. We love chatting with him about the different foods we all miss back home in the States (including McDonalds) and the things we love here in Nicaragua. He teaches us a lot about the country and culture here.

More photos of these beautiful people: 

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