Jonathon Gets Sick in Laguna de Apoyo

I woke up one morning and felt a huge knot in my throat. “Maybe I just had a bad night of sleep,” I told Quinn as we were getting ready to start our day. And then BAM–it hit me. I felt completely drained of all energy and needed to lay down right away. I had a horrible headache and was freezing cold so I put on a long sleeve shirt and added as many layers of blankets on top of me as I could.

Life Out of the Box in Nicaragua

These were very similar beginning symptoms to when Quinn had Dengue, so we knew I had to rest and hydrate myself as much as possible. But this time it was just Quinn and I running the hostel, bar & restaurant, so if I was out for a while Quinn would be left to run the hostel and LOOTB herself. We both wanted to make sure I heal as fast as possible, so we agreed that I would go to the doctor’s the next morning after I rested all day and night. Quinn left the room to take care of business and I fell back asleep.

Life Out of the Box in Nicaragua

The next day I went to the doctors right away. I explained my symptoms to the doctor and she was confident that I had Dengue Fever as well.  She asked me to return the next day for a blood test which she would send to the lab in Managua to see if it was actually Dengue.

Life Out of the Box in Nicaragua

I woke up that morning feeling even worse. My eyes were so sensitive that I kept sunglasses on in the bedroom with the lights off.  I decided that rather than going back to the doctor’s and have her tell me to go to the hospital, I would skip that step and just go straight to the hospital with Juancito (the shuttle driver). It was the same hospital that I went to with Quinn in Granada. Unfortunately, Quinn couldn’t come with me because someone had to stay on property and run the whole thing, but fortunately things were getting quieter at the hostel as we approached the low season.
Japones Hospital in Granada, Nicaragua
I first spoke with a doctor in the ER and explained my symptoms. He wrote a note for me to give to the lab so that they could take my blood for the proper tests. They took a sample of my blood and then handed me a little cup for a urine sample. There was no top to the cup, just a small pixie cup I carefully carried through the halls of the hospital. I gave my sample and waited. An hour and a half later they came out with my results.
Japones Hospital in Granada, Nicaragua
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7 responses to “Jonathon Gets Sick in Laguna de Apoyo

  1. I love reading about living Nica from your perspective and seeing the photos from the places we visited when we were there. One of our favorite places was Laguna de Apoyo. Another favorite find was Gato Negro in San Juan del Sur…after a month on the road we had run out of reading material!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to reading about your adventures!

    Juan del Sur, El Gato Negro

  2. I would have “liked” this post but I felt weird “liking” Jonathon getting so sick. I hope he is getting good medical treatment. Look forward to an update that he is better.
    Warmth and Peace

  3. So sorry to read that you two have been ill. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Take it easy for a while if you can. U

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