Jonathon Has the Measles

After the staff informed me that I had Sarampión I quickly walked over to a computer to look it up.

Our New Home in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

I pulled up Google, typed it in and saw it: Sarampión was Spanish for the Measles. “Oh crap! I have the measles,” I yelled out to Quinn. Her eyes widened. “And 90% of people that have never had it before, that share a living space with an infected person, will catch it.” Oh no Quinn!!! Ok first things first: I would go to the doctors to get confirmation that I actually do have the measles and ask if Quinn can get a shot or anything to prevent from her getting the Measles.

Life Out of the Box in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

That night the rash got worse. It had spread all over my body and everything I touched made me itch–even the slight breeze from our fan. I got just a few hours of sleep and headed straight to the doctors. I brought my hospital blood test results and the doctor quickly confirmed that I did have the measles. I received a variety of creams to put on the rash from the doctor and instructions that I should stay in bed until I recover. She also explained that I should make sure that Quinn was immune to the sickness because if not she would catch it in the next few days–the only way to do this was to make sure she got a shot.

Life Out of the Box in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

I  jumped in a little three wheeled taxi to get back to bed. After the driver got to the top of the crater he explained that this was as far as he wanted to go and that he wouldn’t take me down the hill. He was trying to get me to pay more money after we had already agreed to a price. I was furious, exhausted and felt hopeless with no taxis or buses anywhere. I told the taxi driver that I was extremely sick and upset that he couldn’t help me. I reluctantly gave him his money and slowly started walking down the road.

Life Out of the Box in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

A little girl and her father heard the dispute and kindly offered to show me a shortcut. I was so thankful.  The truth was that I could barely walk and had to stop multiple times to catch my breath. They patiently waited for me at every stop. They showed me the shortcut route and we parted ways. Two minutes later, they showed up behind me and explained that they wanted to make sure that I made it home alright. Were they trying to get me to pay them or were they selflessly being my heros? We walked slowly down the steep dirt trail as I was very weak and hadn’t been able to eat a full meal for a few days.

Life Out of the Box in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

They guided me right back to the front of my house where the staff let me in. I thanked them and told them that I hoped to see them again very soon. They smiled, said that it was no problem and walked away without a single sign of interest in money–just pure concern and an urge to help someone in need. I will always be grateful for them and vowed that I would one day show them how thankful I was for the help they gave me during my moment of desperation.

Life Out of the Box in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

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4 responses to “Jonathon Has the Measles

  1. Ugh. There is nothing worse than being sick anywhere but home base! Sorry for you that you had a crummy experience but I enjoyed the story – it’s interesting to see the light and dark points of other cultures. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post.

    • Thanks for reading Andra, we’re so glad you enjoyed the story. Being sick is never fun, especially when in a foreign country. But we sure did learn a lot and are much more comfortable now! We enjoyed reading your blog as well–please keep in touch!
      -Quinn & Jonathon

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