Weekend Video: Move

This is a very creative and fun video that will make you want to get up and move. Around the world that is. We of course, support this message in every way–it’s part of what makes up the core of LOOTB. Our passions and ideal lives involve traveling the world because we feel it has made us grow as individuals more than we ever could have by just staying in our safe box back at home. Traveling teaches people about different cultures, languages, foods, and helps eliminates pre-concived stereotypes people make up about others. It truly teaches you to open your eyes and understand the world through actually experiencing it yourself rather than listening to others. And that, to us, is our favorite way to learn. Think, live and always travel out of the box.

Happy Saturday folks!!

8 responses to “Weekend Video: Move

    • We love this video!! So much in fact that we actually featured it as a Weekend Video a couple months ago. Thanks for sharing the video–it’s very inspirational and will always be a classic to us.

      Quinn & Jon

  1. These fit with my theme from yesterday so and I love these both so much I’m stealing them! Pinging back and giving you credit, muchas gracias!

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